Chromotherapy is an unscientific and unverified alternative medicine that claims to use colors as therapy for the treatment of diseases. The use of colors would be governed by common principles, similar to those that lead to choosing the color of the dress to wear or the color of the walls of the house to match them with a certain personality and favor or contrast a certain mood. According to the supporters of chromotherapy, the colors would help the body and the psyche to regain their natural balance, and would have physical and psychic effects capable of stimulating the body and calming certain symptoms.

Dolomiti village  COMEGLIANS-UDINE

Made with 1 cm sawn river pebbles in mixage color.

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In chromotherapy, blue is the color that symbolizes calm, harmony and emotional balance. It also increases the sensitivity. Still with regard to the psychological sphere, blue gives inner peace, contentment and stillness, but it is also the typical color of depression, sadness and anguish.

Also useful for those suffering from depression because after exposure they will gradually tend to seek the company of other people and will have more vitality.

The green color in chromotherapy is recommended for those who feel under pressure, for those who need to gain inner clarity (especially in the sentimental field) and find lighter rhythms.