The sawn river pebble is produced in 3 colors: the mixage selection, the cream selection, and the black selection, the 1 cm thickness is supplied on 22 kg bags containing 1 m2 or on a box if glued on the net. It is possible to have it in thicknesses of 1 / 2.3 / 5 cm

S e l e c t i o n

 M i x a g e

Greens, reds, grays, clears .... and some yellows This is the mix that only our Piave possesses ...


P a n n a

A careful selection of light-colored pebbles with a very elegant chromatic movement.

B l a c k

The darkest pebbles of the Piave with a small percentage of light pebbles, ideal for creating light / dark contrasts

Church di Cittanova- San dona' di Piave

What will my exterior look like in 15 years? ... in 2004 we made this exterior with river stones cut in the 6/8 gauge mixage at the church of Cittanova in via cittaanova 16 in san dona 'di piave. To date, there are no deteriorations due to atmospheric agents or imperfections in the installation. The installation was performed by Angelo Cattelan.

stone cut  6/8 mixage sp. 2,3 cm

Ca' dei ricchi - TREVISO

This was a very special intervention as to create this plateatic in the center of Treviso, the stones that historically belonged to the old paving of Treviso were extracted, cleaned and thickly cut.

Monument to the fallen of the sea  - Meolo